What to Pack for Visiting the Angkor Temples Near Siem Reap, Cambodia

After recently visiting a whole host of the Angkor temples near Siem Reap in Cambodia in November 2015, with Bros as my TukTuk driver, here’s my recommendation for what to pack:

What to Pack for a Stay in Siem Reap, Cambodia

  • Modest clothing.  For some temples including areas of Angkor Wat, gents will need to have their shoulders covered, so pack t-shirts or light shirts, and for your knees I’d recommend long shorts.  Ladies long skirts, shoulder covering top.
  • Sandals – let those feet breath, but support your ankles and have decent grip.  You’ll want it on some of the rocks and steps.
  • Swimming gear – hopefully your hotel or hostel has a pool to cool off in after long days visiting the Angkor temples!


What to Pack in your Day Bag for Cambodia’s Angkor Temples

  • Day Bag – take a sensible day bag or handbag that you feel happy and safe storing all the bits in below.  Something you can easily hold on to would not be easy for a thief to grab or walk off with.  For this reason I’m not that much of a fan of a massive ‘bum bag’ AKA ‘fanny pack’ that you see many tourists wearing (still).
  • Angkor Temple Ticket – It may sound obvious,  but don’t forget this.  On your first day if you book Bros as your Tuk Tuk driver he’ll drop you off at the point to buy your ticket (book him here).  It’s $40 USD for a three day pass, single day passes also available but will work out at a higher cost if you visit three days.  By Default they will set your pass to three consecutive days, I understand you can ask for separate set dates.  Keep your ticket somewhere safe to hand to show as you enter each temple.  A bonus if this isn’t your wallet, the less times you have to take it out the lower the chance of losing something or the potential for an impulsive pickpocket to see where you’re keeping it.
Angkor World Heritage ticket - you'll need this to get into the temples such as Angkor Wat.  A three day pass cost $40 USD in 2015.  Oh and dont forget to smile for the camera when buying your ticket?!
Angkor World Heritage ticket – you’ll need this to get into the temples such as Angkor Wat. A three day pass cost $40 USD in 2015. Oh and don’t forget to smile for the camera when buying your ticket?!
  • Camera and/or phone – Something to capture your snaps on.  For the pro’s you may wish to consider a tripod.  Selfie sticks seem to also be order of the day!
  • Hand sanitiser and/or wet wipes – Pretty much a must for the hygiene concious traveller.  After you’ve climbed to the top third level of Angkor Wat in particular, holding onto the metal rail, you’ll definitely want something to clean your hands with, your palms will be looking orange!
  • Food and (optional) water – If you’re starting early before your hotel’s breakfast time, ask them to prepare you a breakfast box of food you can pick-up and take with you.  If you’re hiring Bros as your Tuk Tuk driver he can keep this cool, if necessary, in the tuk tuk’s coolbox.  Chances are you’ll eat if before the sun is up.  If you hire Bros, no need to pack your own water, as he’ll supply cold water for you all day long as part of your tuk tuk hire.  Book him here.
  • Wallet and/or money – Take the little money you do need for the day to perhaps buy some food or extra drinks, or maybe souvenirs when out.  Don’t carry around your credit cards and all of your cash unnecessarily, best keep that in your hotel’s safe box.
  • Hat – To keep the sun off you during the day.
  • Sunglasses
  • Insect Repellent – Keep the bugs and mosquitoes at bay.
  • Sun cream – Sun protection is obviously a big theme here.
  • Guidebook – Personal choice, but if you have one and intend to take it, don’t forget it.  Please don’t get scammed into buying the $1 guidebook, the one they’ll show you is too good to be true, it’s not what the seller (scammer in my mind) will hand over for $1, instead you’ll get a thinner pamphlet and they’ll want you to pay more for the book.

I hope these lists help.  Think I’ve missed something?  Add your comments or questions below.


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